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Medium Voltage

EREL provides a complete range of T&D products; our range of MV products is built in compliance with international standard BS, IEC, NEMA, etc. and includes:


  • Metal-Clad MV switchgears up to 36KV 2500A for primary distribution substations

  • Metal-Enclosed MV switchgears up to 36KV 1250A for secondary distribution substations

  • Package substations (kiosks) up to 36KV

  • HV mobile substations

  • SCADA systems

Low Voltage

Mainly custom-made, our LV panelboards are built in compliance with international standards BS, IEC, NEMA, etc. and include:


  • LV panelboards up to 1,000V

  • Automatic Transfer Switch for generators

  • Control panels


Our Low and Medium Voltage Motor Control Centers (MCC) combine safety with reliability and provide our customers with best-in-class quality solutions in compliance with international standards.


EREL offers a wide range of power and distribution transformers in standard and custom-made versions:


  • Oil type distribution transformers

  • Dry type distribution transformers

  • Power transformers

Package Substations

EREL provides a range of package substations up to 1600KVA 33KV. Our package substations are of metallic type, built according to IEC standards, factory assembled, and ready to be installed on-site, providing quick-to-supply, ready-to-install solutions.

Our Partners
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